Fees Summary
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Fees and Costs

A summary of the Super Simplifier Super and Pension Fees and Costs (not including Insurance fees).

Type of Fee Amount of Fee How & When Paid
Investment Fee Nil Nil
Administration Fee  A tiered % fee based on the total balance of your account. Fee rate up to balance of $500,000 is 0.352%. Fee’s for the balance over the amount of $500,000 are Nil.

The Administration fee is capped at $3,630.00 for a family grouping of up to six members and applied on a prorata basis to individual member accounts. Family are immediate family members, such as spouse, defacto/domestic partner, child (including an adopted child, a stepchild or ex-nuptial child), parent, sibling and grandchild

The Administration Fee is calculated daily on your total account balance and deducted from your account monthly in arrears
Expense Recovery Fee Expense recovery estimated at 0.03%  of their account balance. The expense recovery split is 0.01% for the APRA Levy and the balance of 0.02% for other fund expenses which is capped at $75.00 p.a. The amount is calculated based on the fund expenses recovered from members for the financial year ended 30 June 2020. When an expense recovery amount arises, it is deducted from your account at the time of the recovery
Exit Fee nil Nil
Buy/Sell Spreads Nil Nil
Switching Fee Nil
Advice Fees relating to all members investing in a particular option Nil There are no Advice Fees applicable to all members in an investment option. Nil
Indirect Cost Ratio (Investment Fund) Nil Taken into account in daily market price of the securities that form part of
Other Fees and Costs*

For Further information

The PDS located in Documents Menu shows fees and other costs that you may be charged. These fees and other costs may be deducted from your money, from the returns on your investment or from the assets of the superannuation entity as a whole. Other fees, such as activity fees, advice fees for personal advice and insurance fees, may also be charged, but these will depend on the nature of the activity, advice or insurance chosen by you. Taxes, insurance fees and other costs relating to insurance are set out in another part of this document. You should read all the information about fees and other costs because it is important to understand their impact on your investment. The fees and other costs are set out in Section 6 of the Member Guide.

* Important: other fees and costs may apply depending on how you invest, including the costs of any underlying investments (indirect costs) that are included in the Investment Option in which you invest, buy-sell spreads for underlying managed funds, activity fees, advice fees relating to adviser services provided to you and insurance fees. For information about other fees and costs refer to ‘Additional Explanation of Fees and Costs’ in Section 6 of the Member Guide. Any amount you agree with your Financial Adviser as an adviser service fee is an additional cost in addition to the above fees and costs.All fees quoted are inclusive of GST.

^Establishment fees can be paid on the contribution or monthly in arrears

Please note

Reduced Input Tax Credits (RITC) (with the exception of adviser service fees where the RITC is refunded to the member) are not refunded but will be applied to the Expense Reserve which is used to fund operating expenses and Operational Risk Reserve (ORR) for the Super Simplifier Division of the DIY Master Plan. If the Expense Reserve is insufficient to fund the operating expenses and ORR the Trustee may levy members

This is a summary of the fees and costs of the Super Simplifier Personal Super & Pensions product. Please refer to the Super Simplifier Personal Super & Pension Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about this product.